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Natural Nano Disinfectant Developed
Pyongyang, September 2 (KCNA) -- The Saegisul (new technology) Trading Company in the DPRK developed natural nano water disinfectant.

The disinfectant is made with nano-silver and porous adsorbent which consists of tourmaline and Kumgang medical stone mixture.

It helps sterilize tens of kinds of pathogenic microorganisms, including colon bacillus, dysentery bacillus and paratyphoid bacillus, and prevent the secondary contamination of water. It also removes heavy metal ion, active oxygen and other unhealthy matters and improves the quality of water.

Water, treated with the natural nano disinfectant, relishes of mineral water and prevents food from spoiling. The disinfectant is available for sterilizing vegetables, fruits and vessels.

This nano water disinfectant is now very popular among citizens as it is easy to use.

It won a high appreciation at the recent 13th National Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies.

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