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S. Korea to Blame for DPRK Cheerleading Squad's Loss of Opportunity to Participate in Asian Games
Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- Public opinions at home and abroad are becoming increasingly critical of the south Korean puppet authorities for barring the DPRK's cheerleading squad from taking part in the Asian Games. Much upset by this, the puppet forces let a spokesman for the Ministry of Unification make poor excuses such as "regret" and "twisted assertion."

Commenting on this, Rodong Sinmun Monday terms it a clumsy farce to falsify the truth about their obstructions that deprived the cheerleading squad of the opportunity to participate in the Games and shift the blame for it onto the DPRK. It goes on:

One's evil doing will rebound on oneself. The south Korean authorities made clumsy excuses for hushing up the north's notification of its decision not to send the cheerleading squad, talking about "verbal mention" and "unofficial notice." They behaved so because they were afraid of people of broad strata in south Korea angered by the situation created by their anti-reunification racket and their behavior of deliberately taking no action to put it under control.

The DPRK cheerleading squad's loss of the opportunity to participate in the Games is entirely attributable to the south Korean puppet forces' wrong attitude. With no rhetoric they can excuse themselves for this.

What the south Korean authorities did against the cheerleading squad is recorded in history as another unpardonable crime committed by them against the nation desirous of national reconciliation and unity and the improved inter-Korean relations. Their action deprived the nation of a good opportunity of improving the inter-Korean relations and stirring up once again the enthusiasm to revive the spirit of the June 15 era of reunification.

The south Korean authorities should not make a mockery of the Korean nation with words "confidence" and "dialogue".

With nothing can they conceal their act of doing harm to national reconciliation and unity by abusing even international sports games for confrontation with the north, obsessed by bitterness and unconditional repugnancy toward the fellow countrymen in the north.

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