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Ryongsan Revolutionary Museum in DPRK
Kaesong, August 29 (KCNA) -- The Ryongsan Revolutionary Museum is located at a site 20km away southwest from Kaesong City in the DPRK.

The museum tells about the history of President Kim Il Sung's field guidance to the Ryongsan Co-op Farm in the Phungdok Plain.

On August 25, Juche 46 (1957), Kim Il Sung visited the farm to discuss the development of the farm as well as the improvement of its peasants' living conditions.

While having talks with its peasants in a yard, he acquainted himself in detail with their living conditions and the situation of the farm. He stressed the need to realize the diversification, irrigation and mechanization of agriculture. And he took a measure to build a drain barrage on the Lagoon Hwanggang in the area in order to prevent flooding by high tide of the West Sea and the Kumsong River in rainy season.

Preserved at the museum are a picture of the President talking with peasants at that time and a chair, sunshade and straw mat that were used during his conversation.

The museum was opened to visitors on April 13, 1981.

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