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S. Korean Puppet Government Accused of Its Incompetence
Pyongyang, August 27 (KCNA) -- Voice of People, an internet paper of south Korea, in an editorial on August 25 accused the puppet ruling forces of their incompetence.

The editorial recalled that the chief executive recently set forth tasks for social reform as regards the ferry Sewol disaster but none of them related to the disaster have been carried out.

This is because the "government" does not intend to properly clarify the cause of the accident and, therefore, it is not accepting the special bill proposed by the bereaved families, it said.

It accused the "government" of trying to reform the society with such a way of thinking that there can be neither investigation nor indictment with civilians involved.

It urged the chief executive to reform herself, instead of remaking society, and lend her ear to the voices of the bereaved families and the people, to begin with.

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