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Japan's Indelible Crime -- Ukishima-maru Incident
Pyongyang, August 26 (KCNA) -- Japan committed many murderous crimes against the Korean nation.

Among them is Ukishima-maru incident, in which the Japanese imperialists intentionally blew up the ship Ukishima on August 24, 1945 to kill thousands of innocent Koreans.

Right after the liberation of Korea from Japan's colonial rule, many Koreans gathered at a port in Aomori Prefecture of Japan to return home. As for them, they were taken to Japan for slave labor at coal mines and other construction sites.

On August 22, 1945, the Japanese navy SPs incited those Koreans to get aboard the Ukishima-maru, a transport ship of the Japanese navy, saying that the ship was tasked to bring them back to Pusan Port of Korea.

But, that night the ship sailed southward along the coastline of Japan, not toward Pusan.

On August 24, it was broken into two pieces and sunk by explosion in the sea off Maizuru Port, Kyoto Prefecture. And the Japanese imperialists claimed that the ship was sunk by a mine.

However, the ship's sinking was not an accident but a crime intentionally committed by Japan, as proven by the facts that the passengers were forced to get on the ship, the ship started its voyage with lack of fuel and the Japanese seamen and SPs run away on lifeboats from the ship just before its explosion.

The whole course of the incident and testimonies made by survivors clearly show that the Ukishima-maru incident was a deliberate massacre committed under the Japanese government's plan to slay Koreans.

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