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DPRK Papers Laud Kim Jong Il's Songun Revolutionary Feats
Pyongyang, August 25 (KCNA) -- The DPRK's leading newspapers on Monday carry editorials praising the Songun revolutionary feats of leader Kim Jong Il on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of his start of the Songun revolutionary leadership.

Rodong Sinmun says:

Kim Jong Il's inspection of the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People's Army to start the Songun revolution was an expression of his firm will to advance the Korean revolution along the road of Songun by successfully carrying forward the tradition of Songun started in Mt. Paektu.

He, on the basis of making a deep insight into the rapidly changing situation and trend of the revolutionary development with his far-sighted wisdom and rare penetration in the mid-1990s, successfully settled the matters arising in the revolutionary struggle in our times, holding aloft the banner of Songun.

He established the state machinery of Korean style with the National Defence Commission as its pivot and applied the principle of giving priority to military affairs to all fields of the revolution and construction to open a new chapter of socialist politics.

He stood on the forefront for defending the country all his life, steadily leading the cause of building the Juche-type army on a high level and developing the Korean People's Army into an elite army.

The national defence industry has turned into an arsenal of Mt. Paektu capable of manufacturing any sophisticated weapon as it pleases and the country is demonstrating its might as a satellite manufacturer and launcher and a nuclear weapons state today. All these would be unthinkable without his tireless leadership.

It was the greatest feat that he provided a sure guarantee for glorifying the history of the victorious Songun revolution in the new century of Juche, foreseeing the future of the country and nation.

The cause of the Songun revolution which made a triumphant advance under the leadership of Kim Jong Il is winning victorties under the guidance of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Minju Joson says the cause of the Songun revolution is sure to win as long as there are the idea of the Songun revolution that indicates the road to be followed by the army and people of the DPRK, the Songun leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea, the single-minded unity of the army and people and the matchless revolutionary armed forces.

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