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Anniversary of Kim Jong Un's Work on Songun Revolution
Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) -- It is one year since Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, made public his work "Let Us Add Eternal Brilliance to Comrade Kim Jong Il's Great Idea and Achievements of the Songun Revolution" to mark the Day of Songun (Aug. 25).

The work comprehends Generalissimo Kim Jong Il's idea and theory on the Songun (army-first) revolution.

Kim Jong Il in his lifetime had made a history of victories and glory for the country, regarding the Songun idea as his steadfast principle. During his Songun revolutionary guidance, he formulated and developed in depth the Songun idea to provide the guidelines that should be adhered to in accomplishing the cause of independence.

In the work, Kim Jong Un clarified that the idea of the Songun revolution calls for giving priority to the military affairs in accomplishing the popular masses' cause of independence, the cause of socialism, and pushing forward the revolution and construction as a whole with the revolutionary army as core forces. And he stressed that Kim Jong Il's Songun idea is the revolutionary and scientific idea and theory as it is consistent with the transparent anti-imperialist independent stand and warm love for the country and the nation and the popular masses and based on the iron faith and will and makes it possible to perfectly and comprehensively meet the demands of the Juche idea.

Basing himself on such scientific analysis of the Songun idea, he elucidated the validity and originality of the Songun politics and its invincible vitality.

With this work of Kim Jong Un, the feats performed by Kim Jong Il in leading the Songun revolution will be kept deeper in the minds of the Korean people and the world progressives.

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