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KCNA Ridicules "Innovative Proposal" for S. Korean Puppet Army
Pyongyang, August 21 (KCNA) -- The puppet Ministry of Defense of south Korea set forth what it called "innovative proposal" under the signboard of rooting out human rights abuses in the army.

It was reported that the proposal presented to the puppet chief executive would be put into practice soon.

What matters is the contents of the proposal.

The Defense Ministry in the "proposal" cited such measures as controlling harsh treatment through monitoring system and awarding prizes to those who inform superiors of those practices, etc.

The proposal does not contain such provision calling for reforming the brutalized military gangsters as moral human beings.

In a word, this is a nonsensical one as it lacks essential things.

The human rights abuses now rampant in the south Korean army are not stirred up because of lack of any somebody's watch or in the absence of informers.

It is an inevitable product of extreme misanthropy spread in the army.

The successive rulers of south Korea have shut their eyes to brutal disciplinary punishment and violence in the army under the pretext of "establishing military discipline." On the contrary, they have encouraged and justified them.

It is the unchangeable conception of the military bosses that in order to have a brutalized army which unhesitatingly opens fire at compatriots it is necessary to deprive its soldiers of any humanity.

These brutes and the criminal regime produced by them are the main factor of reducing the puppet army into hordes of wicked gangsters.

Can the above-said mechanisms work on those who regard human beings as social animals and are accustomed to group beating?

The puppet ruling quarters of south Korea do not have even an iota of will to improve the horrible human rights abuses in the army. They have only a foolish dream of evading the responsibility for them.

The "innovative proposal" is nothing but an artifice to mislead the public opinion.

South Korean people of different social standings are demanding merciless punishment of the criminals who turned the south Korean army into pronoun of murderers and rabble.

The authorities should lend ears to the people's mind-set and bring those responsible for such brutalities including Kim Kwan Jin to a court.

This is a real solution to the problem.

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