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KCNA Commentary Describes S. Korean Foreign Minister as U.S. Colonial Lackey
Pyongyang, August 20 (KCNA) -- Yun Pyong Se, puppet minister of Foreign Affairs of south Korea, is behaving recklessly, forgetful of his wretched position. He is going busy to implore foreign forces to cooperate in the anti-DPRK campaign.

During the recent ASEAN Regional Forum he begged the U.S. and other countries to cooperate in the anti-DPRK campaign, describing the nuclear weapons and missiles of the DPRK as a "blatant challenge" to peace and stability, "urging the north to make a resolute decision to dismantle its nukes" and crying out for sending "a clearer and strong message to the north". When meeting with the secretary general of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty on August 13, he again pulled up the DPRK over its "nuclear issue."

Since he took office as minister of Foreign Affairs, he has slandered the DPRK, directing the focus of diplomacy to escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen.

He has urged the DPRK to "dismantle its nukes" and malignantly slandered its line of developing the two fronts, claiming that "the north is increasing regional uneasiness by conducting nuclear tests and launching missiles and these are acts of threatening peace not only on the Korean peninsula but in the rest of Northeast Asia.

At a special academic forum he blustered that "the north counting on nuclear weapons is enveloped in darkness. He also talked rubbish that the "present uncertainty may emphatically tell that our aim is drawing near", vociferating about "instability and liquidity".

Nothing proper can be heard from the traitor. What he is uttering at home and abroad, not concealing his ulterior motive at a time when everything is going very bad at home, is only making the international position of south Korea more difficult.

The south Korean puppet forces are having a hard time, jammed between the U.S. and neighboring countries over the frequent joint military exercises being staged in south Korea and the issue of establishing the U.S.-led missile defense system.

The U.S. kicked off together with the south Korean warmongers Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises targeting the north despite its repeated warnings and serious concern of the international community.

Pitiful, indeed, is the plight of Yun Pyong Se who is imploring foreign forces to cooperate in the anti-DPRK campaign, lost to shame, after south Korea kicked off the war drills with foreign forces though it is censured as a grave yard of human rights in the wake of the beating of private first class Yun to death.

Such quislings as Yun Pyong Se can never understand the DPRK's nuclear deterrence, the treasured sword for guaranteeing today and morrow of the nation and defending independence.

The situation on the Korean peninsula and the inter-Korean relations are being driven into the worst phase as now entirely due to the sycophantic and treacherous acts of the south Korean puppet forces getting hell-bent on the moves for confrontation with the DPRK in league with foreign forces.

If the puppet ruling forces refuse to roll back their treacherous policy with the backing of foreign forces, they can never get rid of the abyss of ruin.

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