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KCNA Demands Ouster of Traitor Kim Kwan Jin
Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- The south Korean authorities are busy shielding Kim Kwan Jin chiefly to blame for human rights abuses in the puppet army.

The ruling conservative group is letting loose a spate of rigmaroles, claiming that it is an act of threatening the state security to demand reshuffle of the chief of the security office of Chongwadae and Kim might be unaware of violence.

Meanwhile, the puppet national assembly and ministry of Defense are busy setting up new mechanisms for "improving the human rights in the army."

This is nothing but a deceptive artifice to gloss over the demand of the south Korean people for judging Kim Kwan Jin.

As widely reported, the south Korean public is becoming increasingly vocal demanding the punishment of Kim Kwan Jin who was the puppet minister of Defense at that time over the murder of private first class Yun.

Kim Kwan Jin received a detailed report on the said case when he was holding the post of the minister of Defense but did not take any proper measure instead of severely punishing the assailants.

He put some pressure upon the prosecutors in the military who were investigating the case in a bid to cover up the truth about human rights abuses.

Kim is chiefly to blame for turning the puppet army into a group of gangsters without equals and hordes of beasts.

In those days he turned the whole army into a group of maniacs for confrontation with fellow countrymen and imbued its service members with extreme misanthropy and brutality, crying out for establishing the military discipline to prepare the army as a combat type army capable of winning a victory in the fight with the north. He openly stirred up the brutal disciplinary punishment and violence prevalent in the puppet army.

When a beating case occurred in the puppet marine corps in 2011, he misled the public opinion by creating impression that such brutality was committed due to the wrong conception that "you should be beaten because I was beaten". This was his desperate bid to hide his crimes.

It was because of evil deeds of Kim that junior soldiers of the puppet army are subject to beating and violence by their superiors and are forced to lick even spit and toilet bowls.

Last year alone, more than 45,000 service members became disabled due to disciplinary punishment in the puppet army and at least 2,000 of them deserted the barracks.

70 percent of the dead service members of the army chose suicide, unable to endure violence.

That is why people of various circles in south Korea are condemning Kim and strongly demanding severe punishment of him.

The puppet chief executive is zealously shielding him for fear that ouster of Kim may drive her to another ruling crisis. But this is nothing but a foolish act.

Her act of zealously harboring Kim would be little short of admitting herself that the present regime is nothing but a regime abusing human rights and one of killers and this would spark off a more serious ruling crisis.

The root cause of misfortune should be rooted out before it is too late.

The south Korean authorities should face up to the reality and bring Kim Kwan Jin to a court at once.

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