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Anniversary of Korea's Liberation Celebrated in Russia
Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- The Russian Association for Friendship and Cultural Cooperation with the DPRK held a meeting on Aug. 13 to celebrate the 69th anniversary of Korea's liberation.

Displayed at the venue of the meeting were works of President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un and books introducing Songun Korea.

Present there were personages of the Foreign Ministry of Russia, Korean War Veterans' Council, Koryo Medical Centre and the association and masses.

Invited there were staff members of the DPRK embassy in Moscow.

V. A. Petrov, chairman of the association, made a speech. He said:

The Korean people unfolded a protracted struggle for national liberation in colony against the Japanese imperialists under the leadership of the President and finally liberated the country.

They also worked a miracle defeating the U.S. imperialists who boasted of being the "strongest" in the world and honorably protected the national sovereignty.

As it was led by the President and Kim Jong Il, the DPRK emerged a country with powerful national power, a full-fledged nuclear weapons state and a satellite manufacturing and launching state though the imperialists worked hard to blockade it.

Nothing can block the Korean people's advance for justice.

The DPRK is a model to be followed by progressive humankind.

I sincerely wish the Korean people greater successes in their struggle for achieving the independent and peaceful reunification of the country and building a thriving socialist nation under the wise guidance of Kim Jong Un.

Vice-Chairman of the association Yuri Vanin said August 15 is a common holiday of the peoples of Russia and the DPRK. He went on: The Russia-DPRK friendship is unbreakable as it was forged and has been developed in the course of the anti-imperialist struggle.

The feats the President and Kim Jong Il performed by developing the traditional Russia-DPRK relations of friendship will be everlasting.

A congratulatory message to Kim Jong Un was adopted at the meeting.

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