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Ulji Freed Guardian Joint Military Exercises under Fire
Pyongyang, August 18 (KCNA) -- It is foolish and ridiculous if the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces calculate that they will get something through provocative Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises against the DPRK.

Rodong Sinmun Monday says this in an article.

It goes on:

Kicking off Ulji Freedom Guardian can never be justified with anything.

The "tailored deterrence strategy", a scenario for preemptive nuclear strike on the DPRK, is to be formally applied to the exercises for the first time in history. So, the present situation on the Korean peninsula is inching to a hair-trigger crisis and dark clouds of a nuclear war are hovering there.

The warmongers at home and abroad set about Ulji Freedom Guardian at any cost in a bid to foil the efforts of the DPRK for peace and detente and ignite a nuclear war for invading it.

The joint military maneuvers kicked off by the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces are an unpardonable military provocation disturbing the peace on the Korean peninsula and hamstringing the inter-Korean relations.

The aggressive and provocative nature of UFG has been already disclosed fully.

Any threat and blackmail of the enemies do not work on the DPRK. The army and people of the DPRK love peace but never beg for it. They will deal the merciless blow to those encroaching upon the sovereignty of the DPRK even a bit.

The warmongers at home and abroad should not forget that all the armed forces participating in the joint military exercises and their bases are becoming targets of the DPRK's powerful ultra-modern ultra-precision fire strike means including strategic and tactical rockets.

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