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S. Korean Chief Executive Censured for Pulling up DPRK over Its Deterrence for Self-Defence
Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA) -- The south Korean chief executive made an "address for celebrating August 15" Friday. Letting loose a string of remarks about "preparations for unification", she talked about "formation of life community" through "channel of environment cooperation", "channel of people's life" and "channel of culture". She underlined the need to "overcome the history of contradiction and pain".

Meanwhile, she claimed that the tragedy of division persists and the inter-Korean relations are being bedeviled due to the "nuclear threat" of someone, adding that it is unpardonable that the north "threatens" the south with "nuclear development and missile launches".

Commenting on this, Rodong Sinmun Sunday says her address is a window-dressing filled with hackneyed words as she repeated the preceding stand, having no solution to the inter-Korean relations.

We cannot but take a serious note of the fact that she talked about "threat" once again, pulling up the DPRK over its nuclear weapons and missiles.

The military threat on the Korean peninsula comes from the south, not from the north.

Is it not a threat to peace that Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises are soon to be staged with the approach of the Asian Games in Inchon?

The south Korean authorities should stop improper acts of groundlessly taking issue with the DPRK's deterrence for self-defence.

In order to open an epochal phase of improving the inter-Korean relations, it is necessary to settle without fail the basic issues set forth in the statement of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea.

Any act of denying this will be denounced by all fellow countrymen as it is an unreasonable act of going against national reconciliation, unity and independent reunification.

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