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Social Criticism of "Saenuri Party" Mounts in S. Korea
Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- Social criticism of the "Saenuri Party" which always employs double-dealing tactics is mounting in south Korea, according to CBS of south Korea on August 10.

As the case of the death of a private of the 28th Division of the puppet army caused a social furor, the representative of the "Saenuri Party" openly reprimanded the present defense minister, pounding the table.

But he claimed that the puppet army chief of staff's clarification of the will to resign is enough to own responsibility in a bid to quench the public demand for holding to account Kim Kwan Jin who was holding the post of the defense minister at a time when the case occurred.

He even promised to invest the opposition party with the right to recommend a special inspection as regards the institution of the special law for the probe into the truth about ferry Sewol disaster, but he backed out the promise in the long run.

The "Saenuri Party" turned down the public demand for clarification over seven-hour leave of office by the chief executive at the time of the ferry Sewol disaster, citing "security item", etc.

Commenting on this, the broadcasting service said this runs counter to the act of the "Saenuri Party" one year ago when it opened to public the minutes of the 2007 south-north summit together with the Intelligence Service, saying that the people have the right to know what the "president" does and says.

A professor emeritus of Choongang University who once worked as a member of the Emergency Measure Committee of the ruling party said that the recent act of the "Saenuri Party" is just like a flash in the pan and full of antinomy.

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