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"Balanced Diplomacy" Touted by S. Korean Authorities Invites Disgrace and Destruction: Rodong Sinmun
Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet authorities talk nonsense that they can play a role in Northeast Asia, pursuant to such diplomatic policy as "balanced diplomacy," hard to implement but it results in inviting disgrace and humiliation, says Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in an article.

It cites facts proving that the south Korean authorities' diplomatic policy of pursuing the international cooperation in their efforts to implement a policy of confrontation with the DPRK is throwing them into an evermore bottomless quagmire.

The article goes on:

Facts go to prove that the "balanced diplomacy" touted by the puppet authorities can never succeed owing to their total subjugation to the U.S. and the strategic interests of big powers in the region.

The present crisis the south Korean authorities are facing in their foreign relations is their inevitable fate they have met by prolonging their days through flunkeyism and dependence on outside forces without any clear political philosophy or sovereignty.

They can never shake off their disgrace and ill fame unless they roll back their country-selling policy of escalating the confrontation with compatriots, backed by outside forces.

Dependence on outside forces leads to a final ruin.

The only way out for the south Korean authorities is to reject outside forces and independently carve out the destiny of the nation by its concerted efforts.

It is the way of protecting the nation's dignity and interests to remain true to the idea of By Our Nation Itself free from the policy of dependence on outside forces and realize the national cooperation, not cooperation with outside forces.

The south Korean authorities should clearly understand this.

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