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Rodong Sinmun Slams U.S. Arms Buildup in Asia-Pacific Region
Pyongyang, August 12 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the U.S. Defense Department made public a plan to massively deploy such warships as new type stealth destroyers, coastal combat ships and landing craft in the Asia-Pacific region.

Rodong Sinmun Tuesday observes in a commentary in this regard: Through the announcement of this plan the U.S. completely threw off its mask of an "apostle of peace."

It goes on:

A scrutiny into the causes of the outbreak of the First and Second World Wars suggests that the frantic arms buildup in various imperialist states was one of the factors of those wars.

The successive U.S. administrations have openly advocated "achieving peace by use of force."

All rulers of the U.S. including Reagan, Clinton and Bush adopted "achieving peace by use of force" as a policy. The same is true of Obama.

"Achieving peace by use of force" touted by the U.S. means, in essence, its domination of the world by force.

But it is facing obstacles. China and various other regional powers are increasing their influence in political, economic and military and other fields.

That was why the U.S. advanced the pivot to Asia-Pacific strategy the keynote of which is the massive arms buildup a few years back.

The strategy is a dangerous one of confrontation and a Cold War strategy aimed to hold a military edge over China and other big powers in the Asia-Pacific region and lay a siege to those countries in a bid to contain them and realize its scenario to dominate the region.

These reckless acts of the U.S. to realize its hegemonic ambition will inevitably deepen the confrontation and antagonism between China and the U.S. and strain the situation in the region.

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