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S. Korean Authorities Urged to Abolish "Security Law"
Pyongyang, August 11 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Joint Action for Releasing Prisoners of Conscience grouping 15 human rights organizations, including the Family Movement for Realizing Democracy, the Association for Supporting Prisoners of Conscience of the Family Movement for Realizing Democracy and the Association for Supporting Workers Detained, held a press conference in Seoul on August 5 at which it demanded the abolition of the "Security Law", according to Jaju Minbo, an internet paper of south Korea.

The organization denounced the present regime for committing merciless human rights abuses by labeling groups or individuals protesting against its wrong policies "those following the north".

The regime went the lengths of branding even citizens holding it responsible for the ferry Sewol disaster as "followers of the north", it charged.

Representatives of the "group which filed a suit declaring the 18th-term presidential election invalid" were detained on charge of libel for the mere reason that they issued a white paper dealing with suspicions about illegal acts and frauds that took place in the past "presidential election", it noted.

It recalled that Ri Kyu Jae, chairman of the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification, and hundreds of other prisoners of conscience are behind bars across south Korea to undergo unbearable pain.

The authorities are keeping constant watch on even those released under the pretext of supervision for public peace and protection, it noted.

It strongly demanded the authorities set free all prisoners of conscience unreasonably detained by politically-motivated suppression and repeal at once the anti-human rights laws including the "Security Law".

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