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Minju Joson on DPRK's Mode of Counteraction
Pyongyang, August 8 (KCNA) -- Recently the U.S. announced that 12 more F-15E fighters, the prototype ones of its Air Force, would be deployed in south Korea, focus efforts on joint operation drills for striking bases of provocation and supporting forces and take part in Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises.

Commenting on this, Minju Joson Friday says this is a cynical ploy to conceal its belligerent nature and justify and kick off Ulji Freedom Guardian at any cost.

It goes on: Ulji Freedom Guardian which the U.S. and south Korean puppet warmongers describe as "annual one" is, in essence, nuclear war maneuvers for invading the DPRK.

This is evidenced by their plan to apply "tailored deterrence strategy" to the joint military exercises.

The said strategy is the one for mounting a dangerous preemptive nuclear attack by mobilizing all military means including nuclear weapons after judging itself a "sign of the use of nukes" by the other party.

The present reality clearly proves how just the DPRK was when it bolstered up its deterrence for self-defence in every way with the nuclear force as its pivot.

The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK demonstrated their capability to destroy everything of the U.S. whether it is a nuclear carrier or nuclear submarine through a series of successful rocket firing drills.

The DPRK is fully ready to counter nukes in kind and resolutely cope with annual and regular military exercises for invading it through annual and regular military drills for waging a great just war for national reunification. This is the resolute mode of counter-action of Songun Korea.

If the U.S. and puppet warmongers kick off Ulji Freedom Guardian, it will only entail the consequences of bringing a miserable ruin to them.

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