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Rodong Sinmun Discloses Reactionary Nature of American-style "Liberty"
Pyongyang, August 8 (KCNA) -- The reactionary ruling quarters and the paid media of the U.S. often trumpet about "liberty" in a bid to create impression that the American society guarantees people liberty and democracy. Calling the U.S. a "free world", they talk rubbish that the "wind of liberty" should be sent to other countries.

An article of Rodong Sinmun Friday says such "liberty" touted by them is, needless to say, aimed to embellish the American society and bring down political systems in other countries.

"Liberty" trumpeted about by the U.S. is, in short, "freedom" for the rich.

The reactionary nature of American-style "liberty" is that it is a deceptive means for justifying the capitalists' act of bleeding the toiling masses white and violating their freedom and rights.

Exploitation and plunder of the toiling masses are institutionalized in the capitalist society. This is because the state sovereignty and production means are in the hands of a tiny handful of privileged class.

The reactionary nature of American-style "liberty" can also be found in that it is aimed to secure a pretext for maintaining the fascist and unpopular social system.

The U.S. act is to internationally isolate those countries which incur its displeasure and are disobedient to it and to make a breach for forcing American-style and Western view on value on them.

The toiling masses can never have genuine freedom and rights in the American society where the mode of existence based on jungle law is prevalent.

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