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Rodong Sinmun Praises Songun Politics of Kim Jong Il
Pyongyang, August 8 (KCNA) -- The army and people of the DPRK have won one victory after another by successfully meeting the blatant challenge of the aggressor forces of imperialism with the arms of justice under the banner of great Songun, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in an article.

It goes on:

Leader Kim Jong Il's Songun politics is the one for protecting the nation and patriotic politics.

The past more than five decades during which he provided Songun revolutionary leadership were a stern yet exciting period crowded with unprecedented events and all sorts of hardships in carrying out the Korean revolution and the cause of national reunification.

He courageously met the challenge of history under the uplifted banner of Songun.

His Songun politics were associated with steadfast will for reunification, brave decision and all-embracing magnanimity. This was the driving force which ushered in the June 15 era of reunification.

At a time when the 20th century was replaced by the 21st century, the north-south summit was provided for the first time in the history of national division and the June 15 joint declaration, the milestone of reunification common to the nation, was adopted. This would be unthinkable without his Songun politics.

He led the struggle for defending socialism and nation minus gunfire to one victory after another with invincible Songun politics in the most trying period, put the DPRK on the status of the world's military power and provided favorable environment for achieving the country's reunification. These were the greatest feats of the national historic significance performed by him.

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