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Rodong Sinmun on Kim Jong Il's Feats Performed in Party Building
Pyongyang, August 8 (KCNA) -- The cause of modeling the whole party on Kimilsungism that began with the foundation of the Workers' Party of Korea could be successfully carried out thanks to the rare wisdom and energetic guidance of leader Kim Jong Il, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in an article.

It was thanks to him that the limitations of the preceding theories were clarified and the revolutionary idea of President Kim Il Sung was formulated as Kimilsungism to shine as the most scientific and revolutionary guiding idea in our era, the article notes, and goes on:

Regarding it as the fundamental principle governing the party-building to establish the ideological system of the leader, Kim Jong Il put great efforts into establishing the oneness of idea and leadership.

He clarified that the idea of modeling the whole party on Kimilsungism is, in essence, means establishing the monolithic system of thinking and leadership within the party, and energetically led the struggle to build the party into an ideologically pure entity and an integral organization which moves as one under the guidance of the leader, based on monolithic idea of the leader.

He made sure that the party members accepted the party's policies as the most just ones and worked and lived with them as the unique guidelines, thereby turning the course of carrying out the party's policies into the process of revolutionizing themselves and arming themselves with the monolithic idea.

He led the work to make all the party members prove to be seeds of revolution and brave fighters who carry out the party's policies in staunch spirit by learning from the indomitable fighting spirit displayed by the revolutionary forerunners who implemented the leader's order to the letter under whatever conditions and circumstances.

The cause of modeling the whole party on the monolithic idea is being successfully realized by supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

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