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CPRK Secretariat Slams S. Korean IS's Farce of Renaming Its Plot-breeding Center
Pyongyang, August 7 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea released information bulletin No. 1071 Thursday denouncing the south Korean puppet Intelligence Service's farce of renaming its plot-breeding center.

Recently the IS renamed its "Central Joint Interrogation Center" "Center for Protection of Defected north Koreans" as its true colors were brought to light as the center specializing in alluring and abducting inhabitants of the DPRK and breeding plots against it, the information bulletin noted, and went on:

The center set up by the IS in 2008 has operated as a base for breeding plots and making conspiracies against the DPRK. Its mission was to allure and abduct inhabitants of the DPRK via a third country before taking them away to south Korea and put in custody for questioning in solitary cells for more than 180 days those who went adrift in the sea, perpetrate all sorts of evil acts against them and cook up various north Korean spyring cases.

No wonder, south Korean media and civic organizations and people of all social standings denounce the center as Guantanamo of the south Korean version and a "base for cooking up spy cases". They even filed a lawsuit against the existence of the center and human rights abuses practiced there, branding them as violation of the "constitution" and strongly demanded its dismantlement.

Much upset by the public rebuff and censure, the puppet IS was compelled to change its name.

This is an open farce revealing its intention to prevent the disclosure of its hideous human rights abuses and more openly carry out the operation of alluring and abducting inhabitants of the DPRK and forcing defection upon them.

With no sleight of hand can the puppet group cover up its despicable criminal nature.

The IS should stop such poor burlesque and disband the den of plot-breeding and conspiracy at once.

South Koreans from all walks of life should wage a dynamic action for the disbandment of the "Center for Protection of Defected north Koreans", not being taken in by the cunning trick of the puppet group.

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