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Human Rights Abuses in S. Korean Puppet Army Baffle Human Imagination
Pyongyang, August 7 (KCNA) -- Human rights abuses in the south Korean puppet army baffle human imagination, according to the south Korean newspaper Hangyore on August 4.

Sergeants and corporals in a division of the army did not hesitate to commit such a despicable act of urinating on privates.

Such an act was also done in a transport company of an army hospital.

Superiors openly committed such an act of stripping bare inferiors and pouring water over them.

Plunder by superiors has been unabated. Superiors took money running tens of thousands of won from inferiors by way of borrowing.

Reporting about this, the newspaper said the violence is unabated in the army because there is a lack of management and control over units and the higher body hushes up such cases in fear of the adverse impact they may have on the promotion.

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