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Brutalized S. Korean Army, Shame on Nation: KCNA Commentary
Pyongyang, August 6 (KCNA) -- Private First Class Yun, 23, belonging to the 28th Division of the south Korean puppet army died as a result of barbarous group assault on April 7.

Much upset by a flurry of protest and denunciation by south Koreans from all walks of life, the puppet army authorities conducted emergency investigation into cases of assaults committed in the whole unit in April after the death of Yun. The results of the investigation proved that more than 3 900 superiors were involved in such harsh treatment of soldiers.

70 to 80 soldiers took their own lives due to beatings, violence and other barbarous acts in the army in a year. More than 45 000 soldiers became disabled or mentally deranged as a result of all sorts of murderous physical tortures last year alone. It is said that more than 7 000 soldiers are "interested" in committing suicides or shooting sprees in barracks unable to endure harsh assaults any longer.

Figures and facts prove that the case of Yun was not just an accidental murder but an inevitable crime that naturally takes place in the puppet army that has been brutalized through man-killings and assaults.

The south Korean army, a colonial mercenary army, serves its American master, not the south Koreans. It is preoccupied with violence and plunder, seized by extreme misanthropy and hostility toward the fellow countrymen in the north.

The army is kept afloat with mutual mistrust, physical torture and club discipline as American-style "barracks culture" regarding barbarity and ferocity as "spirit of soldiers" is rampant in it.

There are more than 60 varieties of harsh physical tortures being enforced in the army allegedly to establish "military discipline" to hurl soldiers into war exercises with outsiders.

Human rights abuses have become daily occurrences in the army no more than a rabble as they shoot each other to death and commit group violence.

No one can vouch that such a shuddering crime as the case of beating Yun to death will not occur again in the south Korean army.

Such cases have occurred frequently so far but no one in the upper echelon of the puppet military has ever held responsibility for them.

For example, former puppet Defense Minister Kim Kwan Jin hushed up cases by shifting the responsibilities for endless hideous cases during the term of his office on to a few inferiors in charge of units. However, he was promoted to the chief of the security office of Chongwadae.

The photo of the body of Yun was so horrible but the puppet army prosecution did not focus the investigation on the deliberate beating. Puppet Defense Minister Han Min Gu went so impudent as to say that he realized the gravity of the case only after the truth of the shuddering case was made public by the "army human rights center".

Much embarrassed by the public criticism, the puppet group gets itself busy, making public a "talk to the people", giving an official order of banning beatings and violence and calling for taking disciplinary measures against those related and relevant officers.

But the puppet group can never shirk the blame as it is the arch criminal who brutalized the puppet army and turned it into a group of murderers.

It is the biggest shame on the nation to have such colonial mercenary army.

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