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S. Korean Military Accused of Concealing Truth about Murder
Pyongyang, August 6 (KCNA) -- MBC of south Korea on August 4 accused the military authorities of having concealed the truth about the murder in the puppet army.

When there occurred a case of death of a private first class in the army in April last, the military announced it was a mere beating case but, in actuality, it was the murder caused by sustained beating and harsh acts, it said.

The military prosecution, however, did not focus investigation on deliberate beating at that time and even when it was disclosed that unspeakable harsh acts were committed in the course of investigation, the prosecution glossed them over, the radio charged, adding: It unwillingly admitted it as the truth about the case was opened to public this time. The minister of Defence testified at the "National Assembly" that he came to know about the gravity of the case only after the truth about the case was brought to light.

As there is a lack of management and control over units, no one could inform the outside of daily repeated beating and harsh acts, it deplored.

In the final analysis, the military authorities helped criminals commit the murder, it said.

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