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Minju Joson Assails Hideous Human Rights Abuses of GIs
Pyongyang, August 5 (KCNA) -- Two American soldiers based in Italy recently raped a pregnant Romanian woman.

Commenting on this, Minju Joson Tuesday says this clearly proves that the U.S. soldiers are a group of beasts in human skin.

American soldiers, obsessed by extreme misanthropy and immorality and depravity, feel the biggest pleasure in killing the weak and teasing them as they please, the commentary notes, and goes on:

This is the main reason why human rights abuses shocking people are perpetrated wherever American soldiers go.

What matters is that such hideous human rights abuses of the American soldiers are being committed at the tacit connivance of the U.S. military authorities and under their patronage.

As far as south Korea is concerned, it is the U.S. military authorities who have the right to handle GI criminals under the SOFA. That is why GIs based overseas exercise extraterritorial rights, unhesitatingly revealing their barbarous nature.

The U.S. forces are a group of the world's worst criminals and beasts.

It will not be possible to put an end to the misfortune and pain of the people in the region nor is it possible to ensure regional peace and security as long as such a group of criminals are allowed to go scot-free.

All countries and nations should have the U.S. forces go back to their den.

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