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S. Korean Puppet Navy's Ban on Disclosure of Data Related to Cheonan Sinking Revealed
Pyongyang, August 4 (KCNA) -- It was disclosed that the south Korean puppet navy has barred data helpful to clarifying the cause of the Cheonan warship sinking from being revealed, according to the south Korean weekly Media Today on August 1.

The then Maritime Institute surveyed the waters where the warship sank at the time of the accident in 2010.

The then chief of the general staff of the puppet navy ordered the navy to keep in the dark all sorts of data collected by the institution concerned and NGO that took part in the salvage and search for the warship at a time when the investigation was at its height.

The navy authorities in the official documents sent to the Maritime Institute pressurized it to keep in secrecy data related to the place of sinking, surrounding waters, photographed seabed and other relevant data.

They disallowed any institution or anyone to get access to or read the above-said data except for the joint investigation group and the puppet navy headquarters and banned opening them to media or posting them on websites.

They also prevented members of the investigation group from getting in touch with media as they please and pressurized them to give answers through an official channel of the navy in case of requests for press interviews and other matters.

A lawyer demanded the clarification of what was disclosed, querying what was a military secret.

He called for the clarification of all matters, noting there is suspicion as to whether there is any linkage between the wreckage and photographed scenes and the sinking.

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