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KCNA Commentary Discloses U.S. Sinister Intention to Maintain Military Supremacy
Pyongyang, August 1 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is now craftily working to deploy THAAD in south Korea under the pretext of coping with the "missile threat" from the DPRK.

The U.S. State Department recently held a press conference at which it said that THAAD was to counter the threat from north Korea and its deployment would be transparent by protecting the security of not only NATO but Russia.

The U.S. is much upset by the international community's rebuff and censure of the deployment of THAAD in south Korea. Consequently, it is running the whole gamut of gimmick to cover up its sinister intention to contain China and Russia and maintain military supremacy. It, however, proves counter-productive.

It is the strategic calculation of the U.S. that if it plugs south Korea into its MD under the situation where the north and the south of Korea are standing in acute military confrontation, it can contain its military rivals Russia and China in the region and realize its hegemonic ambition.

The story about "the missile threat" from the DPRK floated by the U.S. while giving spurs to establishing components of the worldwide missile defense system is nothing but sheer hypocrisy to calm down big powers in the region.

Its plan to deploy THAAD in south Korea is part of its scenario to establish its MD worldwide.

The U.S. MD is now being established in the direction of pressurizing its potential rivals in the Asia-Pacific in the east and west.

The U.S. regards the big powers with strong economic and military might as potential rivals capable of challenging it in the efforts to dominate the region. It is a very dangerous move for achieving its goal for aggression to press ahead with the establishment of the MD as it is leaving no means untried to put the region under its military control.

The U.S. MD has a strong missile system for attack on the Eurasian continent and its operational radius covers big powers in the Asia-Pacific region and strategic bases there.

It involves the whole of Europe, Mideast, Alaska, Japan, south Korea, Philippines and Australia. It is nonsensical to claim that the U.S. MD requiring a huge amount of funds is to ward off the "missile attack" from the DPRK.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on July 24 said that the U.S. worldwide establishment of its MD would inevitably have a baneful impact on the strategic environment of the region, facilitate the arms race in Northeast Asia and make the solution of the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula more complicated.

Viktor Yesin, former chief of the Staff of the Strategic Rocket Force of Russia, said that the U.S. talk about counter-action against the DPRK is completely asymmetric as it is establishing Theatre Missile Defence System to contain the nuclear potentialities of Russia and China.

The U.S. reckless moves to establish MD will spark off worldwide arms race and a new Cold War.

The criminal moves of the U.S. to dominate the Asia-Pacific region can never be justified.

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