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S. Korean Authorities' Economic Policy Censured
Pyongyang, August 1 (KCNA) -- Voice of People, an internet paper of south Korea, in an editorial on July 30 accused the authorities of their economic policy.

The outline of the "government's" economic policy is being brought to light due to Choe Kyong Hwan who was appointed as vice-prime minister for economy, the editorial said.

In a word, this economic policy is an undisguised retrogressive policy which may cause serious ill effects and disasters only, far from tiding over the crisis of people's living, it charged.

According to it, some plutocrats will be allowed not to pay any amount of tax, drastic measures will be taken to ease restrictions and special benefits be granted to plutocrats whereas the common people will be obliged to pay higher fees, the editorial said.

This is nothing but a version of neo-liberalism which went bankrupt in the U.S, it noted.

It expressed concern that the economic policy which is little short of neo-liberal policy will cause huge financial deficit and serious bi-polarization.

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