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Rodong Sinmun's Military Commentator on Truth behind Cheap Publicity Stunts of U.S. and S. Korea
Pyongyang, August 1 (KCNA) -- Odd cheap publicity stunts being staged by the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces will only bring into bolder relief their unconcealable true colors as poor losers and living dead in the future, too.

Rodong Sinmun Friday says this in a military commentator's article.

It goes on:

Those who suffered the heaviest and most shameful defeat in history and signed a surrender document held what they called a "ceremony of victorious war" on the occasion of July 27.

They staged such burlesques as holding "invitational event", "peace camp of school youth and children", "peace concert for celebrating the day of the entry of UN forces" and "burning incense and floral tribute to the monument to the war dead" by inviting war veterans who sustained the defeat at that time and their descendants to be present there. These events were meant to distort their history of shame and defeat and justify their moves for a new war of aggression.

When the south Korean puppet forces, in particular, were busy misleading public opinion by floating the story that "they beat back the southward invasion" by someone and "achieved signal successes" in the war, Americans went the lengths of rewriting the high school history textbook by adding "pages dealing with the June 25 war" to it and distorting the Korean war for aggression as "a war fought to beat back the southward aggression" and "victorious war" as part of their "plan for letting people properly know about the June 25 war".

The "peace concert for celebrating the day of the entry of UN forces" was nothing but the event where the funeral song was played in memory of the defeated.

The "performance" given by the south Korean puppet forces near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) of the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) reminded one of a sad confession to the disgrace the war provocateurs suffered.

Such funeral songs were heard from Mt. Tora along the MDL and in every other place including Seoul and Pusan, turning all parts of south Korea into a scene of funeral service.

U.S. forces were also compelled to give a "military band concert" near the Arlington National Cemetery but only lonely tune of grief and sorrow was heard.

This time, too, Park Geun Hye instructed Chongwadae to arrange a "sacrificial table" for the participants in the past Korean war.

She expressed "thanks" to the reserve service personnel of the puppet army and the U.S. imperialist aggressors present in south Korea through "presentation of diplomas of gratitude" and conferment of "decorations for heroes in defending the country".

The puppet forces gave "parties" to console the war dead in various parts of the world and went busy instituting a new "prize". These charades only rubbed salt in the wounds of the defeated and brought back a horrible nightmare.

The "events commemorating July 27" held at the same time by the American master and his servant in Washington and Seoul were characterized by the height of rigmaroles let loose by the defeated and living dead.

Park Geun Hye attended the "event commemorating July 27" held at the "Plaza of Peace" before the "War Memorial" in Ryongsan, Seoul and made "a commemorative address." But it was hard to discern whether it was a "memorial address" or a "provocative speech."

She began her address by offering "profound thanks" to the Korean war dead for their "noble sacrifices" and the like but made an about- turn in her tone all of a sudden, letting loose a whole string of malignant vitriol and making such provocative remarks crying out for the "north's dismantlement of nuclear weapons" and "real changes".

"Commemorating" the Korean war in which they sustained all sorts of tragic setbacks was nothing but a ridiculous charade staged by the mentally deranged guys.

Recalling that the representatives of the "participating countries of the UN Forces" visited the "cemetery of fallen UN forces" and "battle sites" as part of the burlesque "commemorating July 27," the article goes on:

It was as clear as noonday what they "visited" and "prayed for".

The same was the case with the "visit to the battle sites" to which the host south Korea directed particular efforts.

The south Korean puppet forces were apt to reenact "the landing operation in Inchon" and arrange visits to the warship Cheonan under the pretext of "establishing an outlook on security," inviting many tourists and even pupils to watch them. Not content with these farces, they brought them together in "battle sites" and let them don military fatigues and carry arms, kicking up anti-DPRK confrontation hysteria.

Evil practices were repeated at these burlesques.

One may comment that the "visits" to the "cemetery" and the "battle sites" only brought back nightmare of defeat to the visitors.

Those tricksters might have taken much pain and effort to paint the defeat as "victory" every year.

This was evidenced by a ceremony of unveiling a statue held at the National Museum of Marines in Virginia State.

Those who were tasked to erect a statue in "commemoration" of the Armistice Agreement had a great difficulty.

No matter how hard they worked to select those surviving, they could not find out anyone who could negate their defeat in the war and could be a witness to the victorious war among the U.S. imperialist aggressors who fought in the Korean war, to say nothing of at least 405 000 troops dead, wounded or captured.

They could not deliberately choose anyone, afraid of the public criticism. When they were at a loss, a good idea flashed upon their minds. It was a war horse which they claimed had been related to the war.

The U.S. imperialists are not worth even a war horse.

The article refers to the "march of honor guard" of the U.S. Marines "staged" at the dead of night.

There was a "march of honor guard" of the U.S. Marines near the Capitol Hall.

What was noteworthy was that it was held in the middle of night quietly in the presence of participants in the Korean war. They reminded one of alley cats.

The march once again brought to light the ugly plight of the defeated and living dead which remains unchanged no matter how much water flows under the bridge.

The history of the defeat in the war is truth hard to tamper with.

The June 25 war serves as synonym for the defeat in the war and shame. This can be well illustrated by the "veteran medal" the U.S. made to award to the participants in the Korean war.

It was a very strange event to confer the medal bearing the word "commemoration" upon the survivors. This was nothing but a gesture of treating them like those who were killed more than six decades back.

Great irony was that those medals were made with rusty barbed wire entanglements collected from the DMZ of the MDL.

The "veteran medal" was not a "commendation," in actuality, because it bears witness to the miserable plight of living dead who were more dead than alive, deploring their fate of being cannon fodder for the past war of aggression, though they narrowly survived it.

By staging diverse charades the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces tried hard to paint their heavy defeat as a victory in the past Korean war and create impression that they had many supporters and sympathizers, all of them turned out to be follies.

The ridiculous dramas staged by the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces and their allies on the occasion of July 27 reconfirmed the bitter shame and ignominious defeat they suffered in the war in the eyes of the world people, concludes the article.

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