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Kang Pan Sok's Feats Will Remain Long in Korea's History
Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) -- It has been 82 years after Kang Pan Sok (April 21, 1892 - July 31, 1932), an outstanding leader of the women's movement in Korea, passed away.

Kang Pan Sok is the great mother of Korea as she gave birth to Kim Il Sung, the great leader of the Korean nation, and did all she could to help him in his revolutionary activities for the national liberation.

She implanted patriotism and strong will in the mind of Kim Il Sung in his childhood and devoted all her sincerity to his growth.

When her son launched the armed struggle to liberate Korea from Japan's colonial rule, she had energetically helped him in the revolutionary activities.

Though she was suffering from serious illness, she worked hard with other women to provide uniforms and food for the first revolutionary armed unit in Korea to be found by Kim Il Sung.

One day when Kim Il Sung found it hard to leave the house at which his mother was staying in sick bed, she pushed his son to the way of revolution, saying he must think of his lost country and its people.

Recalling the day, President Kim Il Sung wrote in his reminiscences "With the Century":

"Her image at that time was more of a teacher than of a mother. I felt so happy that my heart seemed to burst with pride in my mother who was so excellent and so kindhearted."

With her unbounded devotion and noble spirit for the country and the revolution kept in his mind, he led the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory to finally liberate Korea.

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