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Secretariat of CPRK Urges S. Korean Defense Minister to Properly Wag His Tongue
Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- Han Min Gu, puppet Minister of Defense of south Korea, let loose a whole string of reckless remarks like an old rabid dog only to become a laughing stock of the world.

The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released information bulletin No. 1070 on Wednesday dismissing them.

The information bulletin said:

Han Min Gu made a television appearance like an ugly looking rabid dog and grumbled about "provocations" from the north recently. Not content with this, he told such cock-and-bull-story that "the north should be aware of the danger to the existence of its social system."

Taken aback by the north's routine rocket firing drill, he hastily inspected the missile command of the puppet ground force. Watching a few aging missiles provided by the U.S., he cried out for "getting fully combat-ready" to "strike any target in the north."

When he was the chairman of the puppet Joint Chiefs of Staff, he was so frightened by the deadly retaliatory shelling of the Korean People's Army on the Yonphyong Island that he was tongue-tied, finding himself hard to breathe.

Because of this incident, he was fired before the expiration of the term of his office.

It was said that he had a hard time at the confirmation hearing, too, for his "responsibility" at that time.

So, the mere word of Yonphyong Island made Han tremble with fear.

At the confirmation hearing he shouted hoarse "he would resolutely retaliate against any provocation in the future" to please the leading conservative gangsters and succeeded in holding the post of the Minister of Defense with difficulty.

Han, a mere puppet of the U.S., let loose such reckless remarks without any thought, risking his life. He must be an idiot, not aware of who his rival is, what is going on in the world and in what miserable position he is finding himself.

Han, his face looking like a mole with clouded eyes, had to orchestrate such clumsy farce in a bid to encourage the boss of Chongwadae. Wretched, indeed, is the plight of Han.

The ruling quarters of south Korea should bear in mind that they will meet a great disaster because of such reckless outpourings of bete noire called Han.

He should properly wag his tongue, properly knowing that the above-said rubbish talked by him would make it hard for him even to survive, to say nothing of staying in his office after becoming the primary target of retaliatory strike of the KPA.

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