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Historical Fact Can Never Be Cooked Up: News Analysis
Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- It is a hard fact that the DPRK won the great victory in the 1950-1953 Korean War. But there still remain some political blockheads in the U.S. and south Korea who are keen on painting the U.S. defeat in the war as victory.

On July 25, Obama in his "presidential proclamation" said:

"Thanks to all who served and all who died, allied forces pushed invading armies back across the 38th parallel, and on July 27, 1953, they secured a hard-earned victory."

Moreover, an event took place in the U.S. to mark the Korean war armistice day and award "honorary orders" and "stamps" to "war veterans".

In south Korea, Park Geun Hye in her "presidential memorial address" described the U.S. defeat as "victorious one".

Their remarks remind everyone of Don Quixote de La Mancha who immerses himself in foolish acts, regardless of hard reality.

As for the U.S. defeat in the Korean War, Clark, former commander of the "UN Forces", avowed that by carrying out the order of the government he took the disgrace as the first U.S. forces commander in U.S. history who signed an armistice agreement without victory.

After the armistice, the U.S. took its stand that there would be no "celebrations", and south Korea's Syngman Rhee called July 27 "national humiliation day".

Marshall, former U.S. secretary of defense, said that the myth was broken and the U.S. was not such a powerful country as others thought.

Even Western media ridiculed that the myth of invincible U.S. came to an end.

History can never be altered, concealed and cooked up no matter how much water may flow under the bridge.

Now the DPRK has turned into a politico-ideological and military power.

The DPRK has already declared that it will destroy the enemies without mercy so that not a single man can survive to sign a document of surrender when the U.S. imperialists ignite another Korean war.

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