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Spokesman for Worker-Peasant Red Guards Warns S. Korean Defense Minister of His Reckless Remarks
Pyongyang, July 29 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Worker-Peasant Red Guards of the DPRK released a statement Tuesday denouncing puppet Minister of Defense of south Korea Han Min Gu for behaving like a rabid dog.

The statement said:

Visiting Yonphyong Island as the first leg of his inspection after his inauguration as defense minister, Han cried out for "punishing" at any cost what he called the "origin of provocation, supporting forces and commanding forces", asserting that "the island is the place where belligerency and barbarity of someone were vividly manifested".

During his television appearance he blustered that he would put the existence of the north's social system at stake, not content with slandering the DPRK's peaceful proposal for dialogue as a "camouflaged peace offensive conducted in pursuance of the typical tactics of the united front" and the "reconciliation-war double-dealing tactics".

Visiting the missile command of the puppet ground force, he called for "getting fully combat-ready" so as to "strike any target in the north", fully disclosing his belligerent nature.

South Korea is now in a position to launch missiles in reliance on its American master whom it blindly kowtows to. Yet, it is mulling countering the powerful revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu which is equipped with the most sophisticated strike means in the world. This reminds one of a poor puppy unafraid of a tiger.

Han even talked about "existence of social system" in the nuclear weapons state DPRK, reminiscent of an old rabid dog noisily barking at the moon.

Deplorable, indeed, is the plight of the puppet military, to say nothing of that of the boss of Chongwadae who let such an imbecile hold the post of the army chief.

It is abnormal that Han who is little short of an insensible rabid dog and an insect going about in search of dark places only is allowed to claim to be part of the Korean nation.

A rabid dog should be beaten to death by a club.

Han is not worth even a target of the People's Army.

This guy's ransom doesn't cost even the price of a bullet of an automatic rifle.

A simple bayonet of the Young Red Guards, not the Worker-Peasant Red Guards, is enough to finish him off.

We serve our final warning to Han, a thrice-cursed hooligan in human skin.

Stop recklessly wagging your tongue like a woman gossip on a market.

It is better for Han to shut up if he is to prolong his remaining days and stay in office.

Han should never forget that the sharp bayonets of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards are waiting for a chance to cut off the windpipes of him and other war maniacs.

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