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Kim Il Sung Guides Creation of Literary and Art Works during War
Pyongyang, July 28 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung wisely led the work to create revolutionary and militant literary and art works on the basis of his insight into the position and role of literature and art in arousing all people to defend the country during the past Fatherland Liberation War.

He set forth the tasks of war-time literature and arts and gave clear answers to the questions arising in carrying out them.

In the talk "Our Art Should Be Conducive to Early Victory in the War" he indicated the main task of literature and art in the war. He clarified that the task was to fully represent patriotism of service personnel and people of the DPRK who turned out to defend the freedom and independence of the country and thus encourage them to a final victory.

In such works as "On Some Questions Arising in Our Literature and Art" and "To Raise Our Art to Higher Level" he clarified the tasks to depict the struggle of the Korean people and fully represent the undisputed advantages of the social system in the DPRK and tremendous might of its people.

He made sure that the work of literature and art was reorganized into a war-time system and writers and artistes rushed to the front to conduct literary and art activities among service personnel and the south Korean people.

He met writers and artistes in August, Juche 39 (1950) and highly appreciated their activities, telling them to create more works.

The period of the war witnessed the creation of "Mungyong Pass", "My Song in the Trench", "At the Spring Site", "Song of National Defence" and other war-time songs, short stories, poems, documentaries, feature films, dramas and other works depicting popular heroism displayed by the service personnel and people, their self-sacrificing spirit, conviction in sure victory and optimism.

The President saw to it that literary and art activities were dynamically conducted among service personnel and people on the front and in the rear.

The art festival of KPA servicepersons held at the Moranbong Underground Theatre in Juche 41 (1952) fully instilled faith in victory and courage into the service personnel and declared a final ruin to the enemy.

The people in the rear conducted a dynamic drive for war-time production and assistance, while having brisk mass literary and art activities to greatly inspire the fighters on the front.

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