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KBS Calls for Radical Reforms of S. Korean Society
Pyongyang, July 28 (KCNA) -- The south Korean radio KBS on July 24 called for radical reforms of the south Korean society.

It is 100 days since the ferry Sewol sinking accident occurred, and it happened because of the incompetent "government", irresponsible politicians keen on taking power, corrupt civil servants, and businesses mad with making money, KBS said.

It continued

What is most urgent at present is to ensure that the south Korean society is reformed to prevent the recurrence of such a disaster.

If such reality is allowed to go on, horrible accidents will occur and people will become the victims of the disasters.

However, a special law for a probe into the ferry disaster has not yet been enacted.

Accidents of various forms are common occurrences now and the people prone to falling victims to them should rise up in demand of the reform of society, it concluded.

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