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Dancing Parties of Youth and Students Held
Pyongyang, July 27 (KCNA) -- Dancing parties of youth and students took place across the country on Sunday, the 61st anniversary of the victory of the Korean people in the Fatherland Liberation War.

As song "Long Live Generalissimo Kim Il Sung" resounded forth at the plazas of the Monument to Party Founding, the Arch of Triumph, the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium and other venues in the city, youth and students presented cheerful dances, looking back on the feats for war victory performed by President Kim Il Sung.

They danced to the tunes of songs like "July 27, Our Victory Day" and "Holiday of Great War Victory" with the pride and happiness of being the young vanguard of Songun Korea which has won victories only century after century.

They enthusiastically danced to the tunes of songs "Our General Is the Best" and "Nilliri for Songun", looking back on the revolutionary life of leader Kim Jong Il.

The atmosphere revved up as songs "Joy of the People", "July 27 March" and "Train to the Front" resounded forth.

Dancing parties were full of enthusiasm of youth and students who were confident that the proud history of victory of Kim Il Sung's and Kim Jong Il's Korea will last forever as it is led by Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Similar dancing parties took place in different parts of the provincial seats, cities and counties on the same day.

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