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Service Personnel Visit Revolutionary Site on Mt. Osong, Panmunjom
Pyongyang, July 25 (KCNA) -- Service personnel of the Korean People's Army visited the Revolutionary Site of Mt. Osong.

They went round cliff on which leader Kim Jong Il pushed a jeep and climbed, observation post, etc.

Before the monument conveying the Songun leadership feats of the peerless great persons, they vowed to glorify forever the history and tradition of the arms of Mt. Paektu.

Then they held a meeting to revenge the enemy and shooting contest.

Service personnel of the KPA visited Panmunjom.

They went round the monument inscribed with President Kim Il Sung's signature on the document conveying his feats for national reunification to posterity and Panmun Pavilion.

They held a meeting to renew their resolution in the hall where the armistice agreement was signed.

Om Hyang Chol, chairman of the KPA Committee of the youth league, said in his speech at the meeting:

The brigandish U.S. imperialists signed a document of surrender 61 years ago but they remain unchanged in their aggressive nature and ambition. This clearly proves that the KPA should settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists, the sworn enemy, with arms only.

Then followed narrative poem "Our War Victory Was Thus Won", chorus "Long Live Generalissimo Kim Il Sung", oratory "Our General and Panmunjom" and chorus "Revolutionary Armed Forces Uphold Leadership of Marshal Only".

Speakers expressed the will to wipe out all the U.S. imperialists and south Korean puppet forces bringing the dark clouds of war to this land through reckless nuclear threat and moves for aggression.

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