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March Starts in S. Korea to Probe Truth about Ferry Sewol Disaster
Pyongyang, July 25 (KCNA) -- The Measure Committee of the Families of Victims, Missing Persons and Survivors of the Ferry Sewol Sinking Accident of south Korea on Wednesday started a march for having a special law instituted with the lapse of 100 days since the occurrence of the disaster, according to Yonhap News and Voice of People, an internet paper of south Korea.

Participating in it were members of public organizations representing people from all walks of life and lawmakers from opposition parties.

The participants made public a kick-off declaration at the joint incense-burning alter in Tanwon District, Ansan City, Kyonggi Province.

The declaration said they started the march, unable to remain onlookers to the society where there is no opportunity of probing the truth about the disaster and a way is blocked for ensuring security.

It stressed that they would carry on the march till the special law is instituted to probe truth and guarantee security.

The participants kicked off their march to Seoul Square via Tanwon High School and the building of the "National Assembly" in Seoul.

They held that in order to clear the doubts of the people about the ferry Sewol sinking accident, it is necessary to hold a hearing and institute the special law.

Many passers-by encouraged the marchers, shouting that the bereaved families were just when they were demanding the clarification of the cause of the accident and build a safe society through the institution of the special law.

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