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Kim Il Sung's Feats for Victory in Fatherland Liberation War (1)
Pyongyang, July 24 (KCNA) -- In the last Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950-July 1953), President Kim Il Sung foiled the U.S. aggression forces' Inchon landing operation with his far-sighted acumen.

It was one day in early September Juche 39 (1950) when Kim Il Sung called operation officers to discuss the war situation.

At that time the enemy forces were taking various military actions while incessantly dropping bombs here and there to cover up their operational scheme.

He explicitly told at the meeting that such military movements of the enemy were a trick to deceive the Korean People's Army and that the enemy forces' scheme was to land in Inchon so as to siege the KPA's main forces on a way of strategic retreat. This advice helped the operation officers grasp what was the enemy's real scheme and work out in time an operation plan to cope with it.

Later, he took even a step to frustrate the enemy's landing operation, foreseeing the date of its start.

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