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Kim Il Sung Brings about Victory in Korean War
Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- July 27 is the anniversary of the Korean people's victory in the Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950-July 1953) against the U.S. imperialists who boasted of being the "strongest in the world".

With the day approaching, the DPRK people are recalling the undying feats President Kim Il Sung performed for the victory in the war.

The Korean War was the one fought by two rivals beyond comparison with each other in armed forces. When the war was unleashed by the U.S. imperialists, it was only five years after Korea's liberation from Japan's colonial rule and two years after the birth of the Korean People's Army in the DPRK.

On June 25, Juche 39 (1950), Kim Il Sung convened an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet and gave an order to make an instant switchover to counterattack against the provokers' surprise attack. At the meeting he said that the mettle of Koreans should be shown to the U.S. which was looking down upon them.

He aroused the DPRK army and people to the struggle against the U.S. aggressors and led the war to victory with his distinguished leadership, military stratagem and commanding art.

During the war, he initiated a wave of unique tactics, such as mountain warfare, night action, tunnel warfare and aircraft- and tank-hunting team movements. His tactics was typically represented in the operation to liberate Taejon, which is considered to be an example of modern-day siege warfare.

Inspired by his tested command, the KPA seamen sank large-sized U.S. warships with only four torpedo boats and an artillery company defended the Wolmi Islet for three days against 50 000-strong enemy forces with hundreds of warships and at least 1 000 warplanes, while a KPA plane downed a U.S. B-29 bomber.

In the wartime, Kim Il Sung took a measure to run frontline rest homes for the KPA soldiers and saw to it that the Universal Free Medical Care System was enforced throughout the country.

Thanks to his noble personality and illustrious command, the DPRK defeated the arrogant U.S. imperialists in the war, bringing about the beginning of decline for them for the first time in history.

Kim Il Sung's exploits for the victory in the war will remain forever in the history of the prospering DPRK.

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