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CPRK Spokesman Urges S. Korean Authorities Not to Miss Opportunity for Improving North-South Relations
Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- The news that Marshal Kim Jong Un personally guided a match for examining the men's football of the National Sports Team to take part in the 17th Asian Games sparked off a big splash at home and abroad.

He said that the participation of the DPRK's sportspersons in the games would serve as an important occasion in improving the relations between the north and the south and defusing distrust and that they should positively contribute to promoting reconciliation and unity of fellow countrymen through the games. All Koreans keenly realize his firm will for reunification and noble patriotism through these meaningful words.

The decision made to send a players group and cheerleading squad to the games reflects the noble intention to rev up the atmosphere of the event to be hosted by fellow countrymen and make the games serve as an important occasion in improving the north-south relations and defusing distrust even though the situation remains tense and confrontation grows acute.

A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) in a statement Wednesday said that the DPRK is speeding up the preparations, expecting that the games would be more enlivened with the participation of the DPRK's players group and cheerleading squad and that they would greatly contribute to mending the stalled north-south ties and promoting national reconciliation and unity.

At the recent working-level talks the DPRK advanced the most realistic and reasonable proposals with due consideration into the present situation of the north-south relations while complying with the international practice over such technical matters as the scope of players group and cheerleading squad, travel course, means of transport, accommodation and cheering.

As for the expenses for stay, we even envisaged using our own ship and letting it anchor in Inchon Port for lodging and boarding to lessen the burden of the south side.

Only to find fault with the participation of the DPRK players group and cheerleading squad in the games and argue each other, wasting time without elementary understanding of the good faith of the DPRK and its efforts cannot but be viewed as a shameless act of inviting criticism and disgrace from public at home and abroad.

If the north and the south continue finding fault each other over trifling issues at a time when the relations between the two sides are at the lowest ebb, it will never be possible for them to unravel even one of the so many tangled knots.

If there happens such an abnormal situation where the DPRK's players group and the cheerleading squad are unable to take part in the games to be held in Inchon, an area close to the Military Demarcation Line, this will leave an indelible disgrace to the Koreans and all generations to come.

No one should make such dishonest attempt to misuse the pure sports activities for meeting political purposes.

Growing stronger in the country are expectation and interest of the people in the players group and cheerleading squad which are to take part in the games amid the sports enthusiasm that sweeps across the country.

The south Korean authorities should neither miss the golden opportunity for mending the north-south relations nor cast doubt as to the sincere will of the DPRK to take part in the games to contribute to national reconciliation and unity.

They should not try to judge it with a hostile conception.

We will patiently approach the issue of sending the players group and cheerleading squad to the games from the viewpoint of actively contributing to achieving reconciliation and unity of the fellow countrymen and promoting friendship and peace among various countries in Asia and the rest of the world.

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