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Kim Il Sung's Exploits for Wartime Drive for Increased Production
Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung directed great efforts to the wartime production during the Fatherland Liberation War and wisely led it, setting a shining example in the wartime production and the work to consolidate the rear in a modern warfare.

The President aroused the whole party and all people to the struggle for wartime production under so hard conditions.

He made radio addresses to all the Korean people "Go All Out for Victory in the War" and "Let Us Resolutely Repel the U.S. Imperialists' Armed Invasion" on June 26 and July 8, Juche 39 (1950). He indicated the main orientation of wartime production --reorganizing all work into a wartime system and mobilizing manpower and resources in the northern half of Korea.

In various works, he also indicated the orientation and ways to push ahead with the wartime production and strengthen the work of supporting the front to bring earlier the victory in the war and wisely led the work for doing so.

He made sure that particularly great efforts were channeled into increasing the agricultural production in the wartime.

He also made sure that women increased their role and labor exchange teams and ox sharing teams were widely organized and operated to solve the most difficult labor issue in the rural areas.

The total grain output increased 13 percent in 1952 as against that in the previous year thanks to the wise leadership of the President and the patriotic enthusiasm of the peasants who turned out in the struggle with intense loyalty to the party and the leader.

He wisely led the dynamic drive for ensuring wartime industrial production so that war supplies and daily necessities were provided to the front and the rear.

He paid a deep attention to the development of medium- and small-scale local industry and saw to it that local industrial factories were preserved and expanded and producers' cooperatives organized in different parts of the country.

Thanks to the workers' devoted struggle, production of munitions including weapons and ammunitions to be sent to the front showed a sharp increase and overall production jumped five and six times as compared with that in the year before the outbreak of the war.

He gave field guidance to many factories and enterprises despite a hail of bullets and shells during the days of the war, encouraging the producers to boost the munitions production.

His energetic leadership served as a powerful engine instilling into the Korean people conviction in the victory in the war and inspiring them to win a great victory in the decisive battle with the U.S. imperialists.

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