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DPRK Encourages Tourism
Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- The International Travel Company and other travel agencies in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are now sponsoring various forms of tourism in the country.

They include mountaineering, architecture, sports, labor, business, angling, sightseeing and motoring and bicycling tours.

What is very popular among them is mountaineering tour. Alpinists from Switzerland already made tour of Piro Peak (1 909 meters high) in Mt. Myohyang and those from Germany, Britain, Norway, Belgium and other European countries enjoyed themselves in scenic Mt. Kumgang.

The bicycling tour, too, has drawn special interest from among the foreign tourists for several years. The tour is to be enjoyed by Europeans in August and September.

There are also a train tour of cities and scenic spots and a sightseeing tour in the capital city of Pyongyang by such public transport means as tramcar and metro.

Typical of sports tourisms is Taekwon-Do tour, peculiar to Korea. The Korea International Taekwon-Do Travel Company was set up in February this year to meet the growing demand of those who are eager to learn the Korean martial arts.

Besides, labor and business tours are brisk in the country. The labor tour helps the foreigners experience the labor life of the industrious Koreans by taking part in such production activities as rice-transplantation, weeding and fruit gathering in farm fields and orchards.

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