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More Spots for Natural Medical Treatment Discovered in DPRK
Pyongyang, July 16 (KCNA) -- Researchers at the Medical Science Information Technology Institute of the Academy of Medical Science traveled various parts of the country recently to discover hot springs, mineral water, mud and mountain streams in more than 190 spots.

They first made an analysis of the water of the springs near the old home of President Kim Il Sung in Mangyongdae and on Mangyong Hill in Pyongyang and then made analysis of samples of dozens of sources of mud for medical treatment, more than a hundred hydrotherapeutic sources and climate treatment sources, streams in hundreds of mountains and sources of landscape medical treatment while covering more than 12 000 km for years.

In this period they discovered sources of mineral water in 47 sites, the source of mud in one site and sources of mountain streams for medical treatment in 146 places while making a physical and chemical analysis of the existing sources again.

Researchers and medical workers authored and complied the five- volume book "Book on Korean Natural Treatment Sources ".

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un highly praised them.

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