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Ferry Sewol Highly Likely to Collide with Submarine: S. Korean Paper
Pyongyang, July 16 (KCNA) -- An article titled "Collision between Sewol and submarine or unidentified radar image" was posted on the south Korean internet newspaper Jaju Minbo.

A media released a report on the basis of an analysis of a radar image obtained at the time of the Sewol sinking. It made it clear that the moment the ferry was rapidly veering, there was a clear image showing a strange structure about 100 meters in length and about 10 meters in width approaching from behind all of a sudden.

It continued:

If anything made its appearance near the ferry Sewol as soon as it sank in the waters where there was nothing else, obviously it might be a structure that surfaced from the sea.

Some asserted that they were containers that fell down from the ferry, but it was clarified that no containers were detected by radar when the scene of containers floating in the sea was photographed from a helicopter.

What's more clear was that the containers on the deck on the bow side of the ferry did not fell down the moment it began to tilt but they did so when it further inclined sideways before it remained 52 degrees sidewise. This was confirmed by the video taken from a helicopter at that time.

All facts prove that there was no likelihood that the structure was containers.

The position where the structure surfaced suggests that it collided with the bottom on the left side of the ferry and there was likelihood that the structure surfaced and observed the scene right after the ferry's sinking before submerging again and taking to flight or sank due to the strong shock caused by collision.

It was also highly likely that the ferry sank due to the wrong operation of a balance pump or a screw when the ferry suddenly veered to dodge the submarine.

The recently disclosed radar image showed a suspicious thing with the printed figures T13068 before the track of the rescue ship of maritime police and a thing with letter M at around 6:50, 7:13 and 7:24.

M is in wide use notably on military hardware.

In the final analysis, the radar image shows that there is high possibility that Sewol collided with a submarine that was involved in a military drill.

The article called for conducting a prompt investigation into this matter and clarifying what that huge structure was.

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