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S. Korean Authorities Urged Not to Bedevil Inter-Korean Relations
Pyongyang, July 16 (KCNA) -- Minjok Thongsin, an internet paper of Koreans in the U.S., in an article on July 11 urged the south Korean authorities to sincerely respond to the statement of the DPRK government.

This year the north has made steady efforts to mend the inter-Korean relations through a series of proposals for reunification, the article said, adding:

The U.S. and the south Korean authorities are going ahead with the joint military exercises aimed at invading the north with nukes against this backdrop, arousing serious concern among the compatriots at home and abroad. Moreover, the U.S. introduced nuclear carrier George Washington and Aegis destroyer Kidd to south Korea, escalating the military tension on the Korean peninsula. Worse still, it is hurling Japanese armed forces into the so-called south Korea-U.S-Japan joint military exercises.

While asserting its policy of attaching importance to the nation, the north has demanded the south Korean authorities discard the attitude of creating tensions by introducing foreign forces into the peninsula.

Nevertheless, the south Korean authorities have refused to meet the principled requirements of the north while depending on foreign forces. On the contrary, they are pulling up the north over its nuclear weapons, while talking about its "sincerity" and "confidence".

As far as the "nuclear issue of the north" is concerned, it was spawned by the U.S. nuclear threat.

The south Korean authorities should not strain the inter-Korean relations any longer but make positive efforts for peace and take a sincere attitude toward the proposal of the north.

Koreans at home and abroad will advance, holding high the banner of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself.

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