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Another Little Master of Paduk Produced in DPRK
Pyongyang, July 15 (KCNA) -- Another little master of paduk (go) has recently been produced in the DPRK.

It is Choe Jin Myong, a six-year old boy at the Sinwon Kindergarten in Pothonggang District, Pyongyang, who came first in the children's paduk contest for the 17th National Taekwon-Do Championship for Jongilbong Prize in June.

Noting that the recent contest was high-level in view of scale and number of participants, Rim Hyon Chol, an official of the Pyongyang Paduk Centre, told KCNA:

The hopefuls were children who had career of 2-game or 3-game winning streaks.

Anyhow, Choe defeated all his rivals with splendid memory, correct judgment and flexible tactics. He is rapid in counting and strong in offensive spirit.

The course of this boy's contests stunned paduk experts including judges.

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