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KCNA Commentary Reveals U.S. Scheme in Spreading Story about "Threat" from DPRK
Pyongyang, July 14 (KCNA) -- The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff recently cried out for "finding out ways for cooperation to cope with threats from north Korea" amid the growing fear among American politicians over the progress made in the DPRK-Japan relations.

This is a revelation of the black-hearted design of the U.S. to keep spreading the stereotyped story about "threat from north Korea" and use it for realizing its strategy for dominating Asia-Pacific.

The U.S. is at jitters over the situation in Northeast Asia as it develops against its will.

It blames the DPRK's tactical rocket launching drills but it is the movement of its allies that it is most concerned about.

For example, Japan is now engrossed in dialogue and cooperation for improving relations with the DPRK at the moment.

These movements are supported by the international community as they are in line with the interests of the peoples of the two countries and in conformity with the desire for regional peace and stability.

But the U.S. is putting sort of pressure on Japan, urging it to "maintain transparency in dialogue with north Korea".

Its calculation is that the improvement of the DPRK-Japan relations can have an adverse effect on strengthening the alliance for aggression spearheaded by it.

Washington seeks to use Japan and south Korea as a shock brigade in executing its strategy for domination of Asia-Pacific. It, at the same time, regards the DPRK as the first target to stifle in executing its domination strategy and a pretext for covering up its hegemonic scenario.

It is for this reason that the U.S. has long instigated its allies to escalate confrontation, while describing the DPRK's just measures for self-defence as "threats" to regional stability.

It is against this backdrop that the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff blustered that the DPRK's measure of bolstering up a military deterrence "highlights the importance of tri-partite cooperation".

It seems that the U.S. finds it hard to invent more plausible pretext than the story about "threat from north Korea" for instigating its allies into the aggression moves.

But its hackneyed trick will not work today.

The U.S. should clearly know that with nothing can it cover up its wild hegemonic ambition.

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