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Korean in China Supports Statement of DPRK Government
Pyongyang, July 13 (KCNA) -- Chairman of the Federation of Korean Economic Workers in China Ri Sun Nam made public a statement on July 8 in support of the statement of the DPRK government.

Saying that President Kim Il Sung devoted his all to handing over a reunified homeland to the future generations, the chairman noted that thanks to his tireless efforts the immortal great programmes for Korea's reunification including the three principles of national reunification, the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo and the 10-point programme of the great unity of the whole nation were provided.

Leader Kim Jong Il set it as his lifetime mission to carry out the President's last instructions for national reunification and made sure that the historic June 15 joint declaration was adopted, thereby opening up a new era of By Our Nation Itself, the chairman said, adding:

But obstacles and difficulties still lie in the way of carrying out the cause of Korea's reunification due to the south Korean authorities who are pushing the north-south relations to a catastrophe while pursuing confrontation with fellow countrymen with the backing of outsiders.

They are greatly mistaken if they think they can settle the internal issue of the nation in reliance on the U.S. imperialists who are chiefly to blame for Korea's division and for turning the Korean peninsula into the world's biggest hotspot.

The statement of the DPRK government reflects the desire and wish of all the Koreans as well as the principled patriotic stand to create an atmosphere for the improvement of the north-south relations and greet the new morning of Korea's reunification By Our Nation Itself.

The chairman expressed his full support for the DPRK government statement.

He vowed to devote himself to the sacred cause of national reunification which will surely triumph as there is Marshal Kim Jong Un.

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